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Istanbul - The Land of Spirituality & Sufism in Turkey

By Nick K, Posted on 19 Sep, 2021 at 06:28 am

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Istanbul - The Land of Spirituality & Sufism in Turkey

Istanbul, a place of virtue and divine spirituality, is the capital of Turkey and one of the major sites to tour for its exquisite architecture and cultures. The place offers many beautiful sights, natural sceneries, locally prepared cuisines, and what not! Upon touring this city, you’ll know that this place is a paradise of historical artworks, crafts, seafood, and iconic designs that have kept the place alive for its yearly tourism!

The place somehow works wonders on your eyes and will mesmerize you for its history, culture, art, and beautiful sights! The Hagia Sophia Mosque, the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul which has the finest pieces of hand-carved artwork and decors, which you'd definitely be taking off with you back home as a symbol of this place. So be prepared as we’re going to suggest some of the best luxe stays here in Istanbul hotels!

Things to See and Do in Istanbul:

Before we start off with this beautiful city, let’s dive in deep what it has in treasure for us?

What’s waiting for you in Istanbul?

Istanbul is the hub of architecture and Sufism, as you'll observe many mosques here. But the fact here is that these mosques are considered some of the most beautiful mosques of the world due to their appealing architecture and interior designs, which date back to as old as around 800 years old! And this is not the end here; the place is loaded with many artworks of the locals here, which can easily be seen here in the markets of pottery, designed vases, and décor shops. The food here is of mild spices, and the sis-kebab here is the greatest invention of all times!

Places to Visit in Istanbul:

Whoa whoa! Hold it right there! We understand you're tempting for this place, and that is well justified too! It's not your fault as the place is so heavenly divine! Check these top pick of Istanbul before you set yourself for a tour here:

The Historical Mosques; so Divine!

You might accept this place because the land here has tones of architectural mosques that are known to indulge you in their spiritual atmosphere! The iconic Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Suleymaniye Mosque, Büyük Mecidiye, and many other mosques from which you won’t take your eyes off!


The museums here are also built in the historical periods and, just like the mosques here, are known for their architecture and history. Some of these museums have a splendid exterior and a spacious interior featuring beautiful Turkish marble flooring and expensive royal objects from the Empire dynasties. Visit the Topkapi palace museum of the Ottoman Empire, the stunning Dolmabahçe Palace with features unimaginable luxe life of that era, and the locally available Istanbul Archaeological Museum, which exhibits many stone carvings and detailing of the place.


This beautiful park which features a cute little version of the whole Turkey, is a great place for your recreations as the ambiance here is just soothing to the soul.

How to Get Around the City?

Opting for the most suitable means of commute that suits your nature is quite a difficult job, and when you're traveling to this place for the first time, things will be a bit problematic for you. Don't worry, as we've everything sorted out for you here in this blog! Read on below:

Via Buses, Trams and Metros:

The buses, trams, and metros here are the best possible way to travel around the city as the fares here for day-to-day travels are quite inexpensive and comfortable. In contrast, you can book your tourist ticket here too, which serves 3-5 days of tourism via buses, trams, and metros depending on the type of commute you're opting for and the distance covered in it.

Via Train:

Another option here is to travel to this place via train and to board off at the train station, which is usually near the city's popular tourist destinations. The trains here are not overly populated and are a comfortable means of commute.

Best Hotels to Book for Your Trip:

You’re now familiar with the place, right? Let’s prepare you for an unforgettable journey by topping it off with a comfortable stay here in Istanbul Hotels:

St Regis Istanbul:

Situated in the Mim Kemal Oke Caddesi, this place offers its guests its signature butler service for 24 hours/ day. The rooms here are divinely decorated and furnished with the finest décor pieces. The hotel has an indoor pool and stunning city views, a personal minibar in every room, Spago Restaurant located at the restaurant, a 950 sq. meter spa, a proper dining venue of St. Regis Brasserie, which serves contemporary French Cuisine with a touch of local spices. In contrast, the Petit "O" Bar serves its traditional and signature cocktails.

Book St Regis Istanbul

Intercontinental Istanbul:

Located in the Asker Ocagi and within the region of Taksim Square, this hotel serves its guests the most beautiful views of Istanbul. It is famous for its Academie Internationale de la Gastronomie’s Ottoman and traditional Turkish cuisines and Turkish fasil music. The place has captured some stunning views of the Bosphorus, and you can avail yourself of the services of Veranda Restaurant & Lounge, Amandine Patisserie, and City Lights Restaurant&Bar and so much more to name of!

Book Intercontinental Istanbul

Fairmont Quasar Istanbul:

Flaunting the best views of the stunning Bosphorus, this hotel is famous for its exquisite services of the Willow Stream Spa, a fitness center & gym, outdoor pool, a variety of your favorite restaurants, spas, and a rooftop, and the main bar! Visit Demlique Tea Parlor for its iconic tea and coffee flavors here!

Book Fairmont Quasar Istanbul

Novotel Istanbul Bosphorus:

Situated in the city's heart, this hotel has some tempting delicacies of the buffet breakfast served every morning, spa and sauna facilities, indoor pool, steam rooms, fitness centers, and the iconic Turkish baths for an added touch of luxury to your life here.

Book Novotel Istanbul Bosphorus

Sheraton Istanbul City Center:

Located just a few minutes away from the famous art gallery of Arter, this hotel is mainly known for its splendid interior designs, indoor pool, well-established fitness center, and spa. You can opt for the buffet breakfast here at the Sheraton Istanbul City Center, which also offers phenomenal city views from the hotel site.

Book Sheraton Istanbul City Center


In a nutshell, Istanbul, Turkey, is one of the best places to tour for its architecture, Sufism, culture, tradition, art & crafts, local and French cuisines, and so much more than you can think of! So head straight to the best hotels in Istanbul, and we bet you won't regret your decision ever!

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